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2020-05-23 09:14:47 (UTC)

Tips for the weary soul 🤔

I know some of you people are still experiencing life events Covid or no Covid. Depression, being lonely, heartache, and Covid is probably not helping much. I know I said working out is a must and it still is. Your brain releases chemicals in your body and you can control some of that. Happy chemicals or sad chemicals. You do have an effect of what your body produces. But nuff said about that.

First, you gotta realize that no one will get you out of that slump. Maybe only your Mom and/or Dad but otherwise, it's on you. The world will let you lay down if you choose to. But there are better options. No sense being in this world of infinite possibilities but your lazy ass isn't up to the challenge and doing something about it.

We'll keep the notes short. One tip I strongly also suggest (besides working out) is to find a hobby. Several if possible but do something that you enjoy. If you don't have a hobby, then great! Go out and try several different ones. You never know what you'll end up liking until you try. Once you find a hobby, it opens up all other kinds of things. It can't help but bring in new friends which is always a bonus. And when that hobby is fun and enjoyable, then you are starting to be on your way to being a happier person. That is everyone's life goal isn't it. Just to be happy?

I used to play a lot of electronic darts. It was so much fun. I ended up joining a dart league. Made friends there. Won many tournaments as I got better. I even quit league at one point and only entered daily tournaments and the money was good enough to pay for my bar tabs and a little extra (this was before gym days). But a pinched nerve in my neck ended my tournaments. My fingers were getting a little numb and it effected me enough from being a badass to a so-so player. When you have to throw a pointy thing 8 feet away into a target about 1/2 inch wide, you have to be precise.

Fishing is another 1/2 zen 1/2 hobby thing that I enjoy. Kayaking. Jump roping. Pinball used to be my thang too. Table tennis, baseball and even Foosball . Riding my motorcycle I think felt like a hobby. Maybe? Not sure if that counts but it was fun. I secretly would be singing in my helmet singing Born to Be Wild (driving in the suburbs. lol) So yeah, I practice what I preach.

Get yourself out there and find your niche that you'll like and keep doing it. Before you know it, you'll be caught up in your new or old hobby and life will be much more enjoyable and less doom and gloom. You won't be able to help but encounter friends along the way too. I trimmed my hobbies a little bit. I now mostly do gym, kayaking, hiking, window shopping at those small towns, billiards, and fishing. I think Wine tasting at the vineyards is also a hobby in my book. Still more than enough to keep my mind fulfilled and happy.

If your goal in life is to later find that dude or dudette, I'm sure they'll want to find you when you are at your best maybe doing your hobby but for sure smiling. They won't want you or find you moping on that sofa watching TV. You can use all the psychic powers you have but I'm pretty sure they won't come knocking on your door to find you doing that.

Oh, it doesn't have to be a hobby. You can volunteer to do good. Volunteering for something can be something you'd enjoy too. I was going to volunteer at the hospital (pre-covid times) but my schedule conflicted because business hrs were when they needed me the most. Still got that thing called a day job so I couldn't. Never too late folks. One thing I tried that I wouldn't suggest as a hobby. Naked jump roping. It's probably gonna get you locked up in the looney bin although I did try it one night in my garage. Not sure if I was drunk or not but that was not a kodak moment yet it's tattooed to my brain and I can't unsee it. Fair warning.

Random pics of my hobbies