La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
2020-05-23 15:03:52 (UTC)

I warned the DJ

A couple of birthdays ago I remember having the best day of my life, not only did we go out to eat to one of the best restaurants in town, but we ended up at a karaoke bar I use to go when I was in high school called Pistoleros witch in translation means gun men, is a decent place where we use to hang out back in the day, well needless to say after a few shot's of tequila my favorite drink of all times, straight with lime and salt. I gathered the courage to go out and grab that microphone and I guess I should have warned the DJ I was taking over his singing night I think I did warned him it was my birthday and he had to let me sing as much as I wanted, well not only did he let me sing, my brother recorded me and post it on Facebook, I was not embarrassed because I kicked ass singing total eclipse of the heart hahaha but I had so much fun. why can't we have these kinds of days every day, I mean we lived stressed out about our personal needs and of others and we forget what we are passionate about, every one who really knows me knows I love to sing, even though I may hurt a few ears here and there I can care less, I love singing and I do it every chance I get being respectful of others time and room. In till I've had one shot's to many then I wont let go just kidding that was before I grew up and realize how rude that is, now I've learned to listen and enjoy other people sing as well.