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2020-05-23 13:08:51 (UTC)


I needed to make the entries even so excuse me if this verse is cerebral. I found a phrase, actually a movie called Gaslighting and it set my soul on fire. I was so surprised.

It felt like "There is someone out there for everyone". Who has to tell teachers or doctors that they are in a position of power and do not abuse the trust of their students?. I needed to hear it put Gaslighting includes Negative Surprises, Hostile humor, the silent treatment, withholding intimacy or distorting reality.

When you are young and optimistic everyone is a lover or a friend. I am ashamed to admit it but one of the details that makes my life so unlivable (by QUALITY) is the abruptness of my revelations.

18 mos in love
Superbowl 2006
Compulsory Eurotrip
Ansieosidad when I cannot pay or shop.
Complete social collapse when I do not have steady disposable income.

Imagine me. Struggling not to judge. These people SEEM miserable and unattractive by my standards. Yes I have standards. I also have nightmares of other thriving adults, on housing, or professionals having to submit to these bullies just to survive.

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