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2020-05-23 12:46:35 (UTC)


Mother is the name for God on the lips and hearts of all children-- The Crow

We are not philosophical we are material. --Dr Sebi

If the premise is wrong everything after the premise is wrong--Stanislovski

As children, we're a collection of different desires and different biological processes that we don't have any control over, but as we become adults we have to bring all these processes into a unity, to develop a coherent identity. People offend and insult us to fragment us purely on purpose. To distract themselves to isolate you.

I have been in psychosis since March 28. The day Liz called me and told me I lost my job. The same behavior manifested in Dec 21, the OTHER day I lost my job. I breathe deeply and sensually as I remitt.

Listen to me now, baby.

There will be no sleep, there will be no rest. My skin will sting and raise a rash. All 4 walls and the ceiling will vibrate for HOURS without even three inhales of interruption. Montages of beatings and abuse will cause you to lurch violently and your eyes to water. All you can do is stand as a woman. Try not to behave in acutely in pain. Try not to cry out for mother or mercy. Then wash and go.

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