Experienced Life
2020-05-22 23:47:57 (UTC)

Skipping around 🏃🧎🏽‍♂️

Self induced workout done. No gym session this Friday. I did my own thang. Most ever jumps for me in a day. 4,500 jumps on my jump rope. My personal best. I didn't do it all at once. At around the 1,500 mark, I was getting tired so I took 20 second breaks every 200 jumps. I get tangled too so that ends up a little frustrating because it now takes me longer to get my number and it also is a blessing because I get to rest. I'm liking how my legs are looking now. It'll fade by morning but every muscle on my lower legs are as toned as can be. I'm sure in the morning I'll be hurting and I'll be asking myself WTH was I thinking? haha.

Anyway, it's late and I'm kinda tired too because I was backed up with work again today so I am mentally tired after all that geeky IT babbling and configuring. Today, I turned up an Azure and AWs cloud and connected them to our Data center. Don't think I'm a smarty pants. I'm not. I just click on some stuff on the computer and things turn up. It's almost like a computer game except no sounds that go kaboom, bang bang, or anything like that. And unlike a computer game, they pay me and I don't pay them. I also had to help these guys with a design for a new environment. Again, easy peasy. You just need to say some fancy words or just memorize IT acronyms and voila, you just helped with an IT Network design for a customer. Haha 😆

This is my mask when I'm outside in public. For some reason, I have no issues with my 6' social space. And my legs after tonight's 4,500 jumps are looking pretty toned. I'm not a weight lifter so I'm more than content with just being toned one day. It'll return back to Sponge-bob legs in the morning ☹️. Time now for a shower and some wine 🍷

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