Pleasantly Disturbed

Broken Glass Park
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2020-05-22 20:24:58 (UTC)

Good, Peaceful Day At Work!

Today was good. I had a couple of bad moments, but I got through them. I felt more today, but if the numbness is wearing off, it's a very gradual process and I need it to be, so as not to get overwhelmed. I don't get very enthusiastic over anything, nor do I stress or freak out much over anything. It's a nice balance. I have some emotion in me, but none of it is intense or loud at all. Sounds peaceful, right? It is. Maybe I'll feel passion again, someday, but for now being a bit of a stoic will work for me.

And since there are no extremes about me, anymore, nothing has been black and white and my moods can be all different shades of grey. Grey, nonetheless, no fun color.

So, my mood was a very, very dark grey some of this week. Quite negative. Today it has been a very, very light grey. I'm glad I lean now more towards lightness.

I still have a real-life crush, but it's nothing that exciting because I am not taking it too seriously. I do get slightly nervous around him, but I am not a nervous wreck. He's just some dumb, cute kid (by kid I mean 22), who's nice. No big deal. I actually picked on him a little today. I don't really want to date him or anything, but I can still have some fun at work. I don't even flirt. I'm *mostly* innocent.

As for Asshole, the newest thing he said to really upset me occurred a week and a half ago, so I should move on. I'm sure he'll do something again, in the future. He's a jerk. I'll probably never like him, but that's fine, I don't have to.