La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
2020-05-22 13:20:56 (UTC)

Morning sounds

Every morning I wake up to a singing bird on my rooftop I wish I could add the recording for you to listen it is most refreshing sound that most people would probably wouldn't notice. I do and that bird sings to me or at least I like to think like it is. It takes me back to my old house in my hometown a house surrounded by tall pecan trees that have an ecosistem of their own, with birds, and small animals living arround and about the trees something truly wonderful to witness the sound of frogs at night croak. And the crickets making that very realxing noise that they do.
Not here, other that the gift of my singing bird in the mornings you hear people walking down the street very early in the morning, people shouting if you need water, yes they sell water down the street, people shouting Bolillo witch is white bread, the gas service makes a terrible wistling soung the mototaxis driving arround, and that's only in the morning oh and the famous speakers that at one point almost made me want to shoot them I have one near my house. Their these loud speakers where people pay to anounce 3 times something that they are selling you get use to it after a while but sure can be very annoying at the begining.
So If I want to enjoy an early quiet moment I need to get up before dawn And I do some times just not enough.

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