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2020-05-21 21:32:57 (UTC)

Why I work out 😊

Worked late, got home mentally exhausted... again. Fell asleep. Woke up with my abs and hamstrings screaming in pain. Haha. You know how I said it feels good when I feel this and it's telling me I'm alive? Well...I changed my mind. It hurts. Screw this!! haha. I mean, I should ask myself why do I do this? It hurts constantly and Netflix sounds like a pretty good deal right now. There are days your hamstrings and quads hurts so much that it hurts to sit on the toilet. There are times you're pulling your shirt off your back and it hurts to raise your arms. But I know why.

Yes, it changes you physically. Not the reason why. Woman suddenly don't see you as being invisible. That's not why. You're forced to buy cooler threads as your body changes. Again not the reason why. Physically, you can do things again you haven't done in many years adding some of those extra kama sutra positions you can now do. Almost said yes to this but nope, not that too. I can grab all the grocery bags and load it all up and make it into the house in one trip. Again, that part is pretty cool but that aint it too.

Nah, the best thing about this is that I can wake up happy. I wake up smiling even when my body aches from the last few days of working out, I can smile. I may quietly scream when sitting on the toilet but yeah... it's all good. A happy me makes my friends happy around me. Happy friends around me makes me even happier. Then it attracts more friends and more fun silly people to hang out with. It's a cool chain reaction happening right now. I'm just enjoying the ride. So throughout all this happening, life keeps ticking. And isn't just being happy in life the real life goal?

So yeah , if I had to dumb it down, but this is why I work out. Why I jump 4,000 rope jumps at times. Why I do those evil burpees, Mary Katherines, etc, etc. I just wish they would invent 3' high toilets so I don't have to squat down so low to go #2. Then life would be perfect. 😆

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