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2020-05-21 20:25:40 (UTC)

Kettles on the Stove

Mutual Aid - Anarchism - Negotiation & Conflict Resolution - Direct Action - Anti-Capitalism - "Lone Wolf" Actions

My eyes become watery and I nearly begin weeping because there's something inside me trying to claw its way out. I am inspired to be as fearless as I was in my youth, and be as learned and wise as I am now (or, am I, really?). I feel the things, yet cannot articulate the words.

Maybe it's just this time of world, environmental, human, personal crisis. It feels like my identity is being pulled in so many different directions. How can I personally improve this hellpit for the greater good? There are visions of possibility of the future, there are memories of what I've done/felt/thought in the past. There is the now: where I feel like a bubbling, simmering cauldron, a kettle making ready to whistle.

I've ignored this part of myself for too long. I was too afraid of "getting in trouble." It's time for me to walk away from that shelter. So, what to do first?

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