London Life
2020-05-21 22:37:43 (UTC)

The Girls of Summer

It's been very hot the last three days. I like running in the heat, and after recent worries that I've slowed doan, I've made a real effort to get to my old pace, quite succesfully, by taking long, straight back-streets in Somers Town and Regent's Park. Jack has continued to come with me twice a week for the first 2km.

We are still managing to vary where we go out for lunch each day. We found a mainly-vegan place had opened near the Overground station, so we sat in the square, where I'd previously spent a morning helping build the new design, and on Tuesday we had a coffee outside Kentish Town Station after visiting the nice little shops in Brecknock Road.

The last couple of days, we've gone out again after my run. On Tuesday I left Jack in the Open Space when I did my run, and because I wanted to get my printed Guardian (this is the final week I'm doing that), we also got another coffee and sat by the Lock again.

When the lockdown started, we didn't think it was worth getting coffees, as the whole point for us was to sit in the cafe and drink it. Now we've been buying them again, and sitting by the Lock or in Regent's Park. Yesterday we sat by the Canal at King's Cross - busy, but enough room for distancing, and then at Granary Square. Today after Jack met his friend, we got one in Pratt Street and sat in St Martin's. I was flattered to get Three kisses from Elina.

On Sunday we cycled to and round Hyde Park - I showed Jack the orphan elephant statues at Marble Arch - because I''d noticed on Friday that the cafe was serving. We sat in the grounds and watched the dogs, the Swans and the persistent man-food-hunting little speckled birds.

I was disappointed at the lack of mini-skirts that day. Many girls wore longer dresses which looked pretty and feminine but I was a bit worried again about fashion. However, my faith in girlhood has since been restored with plenty of micro-length examples and sexy bare legs. Best was a very tight shiny black dress I saw a sweet girl wearing near the Gardens; she kept having to tug it down as it was riding up and showing a few cm of bare bum-cheek.

Amother girl lying on her back by Gasworks Park was in a tight, very short denim skirt. She had her shapely legs shut tight, but anyone who wanted to, could see a little triangle of her shiny knickers. One sweetie at the bottom of Primrose Hill yesterday was just sitting down in the grass in a tiny skirt and inevitably flashed her bare bum cheeks momentarily. Also, I've seen some beautiful cleavages on show, bursting out of crop-tops and bra-tops, plenty of flat stomachs on show, and occasional deliberate revealing of bum-crease beneath tight shorts.