Do Not Disturb

2020-05-21 19:16:30 (UTC)

No More

So, you know the guy that haven't talked to me in weeks and we were suppose to be dating for four months. Turns out he's been ignoring me the whole time. I tried texting him and calling him. I tried calling him as soon as my phone turned on. He didn't pick up. But he texted me saying, "What's Up?" I mean you tell me "what's up" ??? You have been ghosting me for weeks. Almost a month now. And that's all your gonna say to me ? And yes I went off on him through text since, he doesn't like " talking on the phone " or, whatever bullshit he says. I blocked him after that. I can't believe the nerve he have to say that. He didn't tell me...Why? I cried after that and hard too. I don't deserve to be treated like this by guys. But I let it happen because I keep talking to the wrong guys. I feel stupid for this. I'm definintely taking a break on guys and focusing on myself from now on . I'll talk to them but not be in a relationship with them. Because its just that simple.

Mood : I'm done with it

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