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2020-05-20 17:57:39 (UTC)

Where did the day go? 🤔

Suns almost setting and I'm thinking where did the day go? Seemed like I went to work early, sat for an hr and it was over. But actually, I skipped lunch (which isn't good to do if you're watching your weight) and 9 hrs later, we were done for the day. Finally deposited my check. Went to Trader Joes and like I said, went for the cheap Two Buck Chucks. I'll have to put some of my wine club memberships on hold till we know if we are gettigna 10% pay cut or not. Actually, they'll give us two days off so yes, there is less money but they just won't pay us for to day. I guess that's fine. Here is the wine I'm talking about. $2 a bottle so I bought a couple cases.The famous nickname is Two Buck Chuck but it's actually called Charles Shaw. I also bought spring salad, more Treader Joe's vinegarette dressing

Gym was a tough one today. EMOM meaning a certain amount of reps on the minute every minute. Finish early, you can rest. Felt like puking a little. I think it's because I was siting on my ass all day. We did weighted Snowball Snow Angels, Cross Country Skiers, Weighted overhead front lunges, weighted bicycle crunches, Super man Ts and Ys, and Single leg weighted RDLs. Round and round for an hr. Abs are feeling it already and it's not even the next day yet. Shoulders still hurt from doing pushups the other day. But at the end? I'm pretty pretty happy and mellow now.

Time to kick back and re-effing-lax. I still have bath bombs I haven't used yet. Seems like there is no time to do it. I want to make sure I get my money's worth on these things. They aren't cheap. But when I do use it, I hope it don't turn me purple like I hear happens sometimes.

I don't think I got 1,000 jump ropes in me today. I think I have enough for one......... sofa and one......... bottle of wine though :) I'm gonna just mellow out. No quick witted stuff to say. Already sleepy from the mental exhaustion of thinking too much today at work.