2020-05-21 01:48:29 (UTC)

Yeah, I'm fine

Yeah, I'm fine / John's fists

By the Focus Studio

Everything you saw today
Could be weapons against you, they may
Probably you'll fall into a hole
Or you might just bump into the walls
Maybe someone will catch you in pain
Then you'll need to start again

(No, no)


Just keep going and never give up
If you're thirsty then go get a cup
Why don't you just be like that pine
Get up and tell'em 'yeah, I'm fine'?

(Oh, yes oh)


Everybody could shout at you
However you can really fight back too oh oh
They always tell you don't do that
And are you as discreet as a cat?
Perhaps your are not and you have to sit no no
Anyway, you need to get out of that pit! Hay ya

(Sure sure)

Then then

Get out and prepare for the next day
You need to watch out 'cause life's not a cake
When you are down then lift your head
If you have no hope then your mind is dead!

(Oh no)


You have a trouble that do worth a dime?
Plus, you need to get out of your old sight! Hup hup

(Yeah yeah)

At last

Send your self an email
And enjoy getting failed

(Go go)


You got to rise
And you'll you'll you'll
You'll be fine