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2020-05-20 19:13:47 (UTC)

Violet x German Part 1:

06-03-2020: Violet's 1st Day of School:
Violet: Thanks Christine!
Christine (Vanessa M): You're welcome!
Violet: Oh my god, my prince charming!
Denise (Alexa E): Awww! Go say Hi to the prince charming.
(Violet just walked by German talking to Matias)
Violet: (trips by German)
German: Violet, is that you?
Violet: (stares at German) Yeah, it's Violet Morales. Umm I am the freshmen in high school.
German: Yeah whatever.
Christine: Violet, relax!
Violet: (sighs) Okay.
06-08-2020: Dealing with Violet:
German: How old are you?
Violet: 14. I graduated in Middle school called San Antonio Middle school. But my friends call me Violet.
German: 15.
Christine: Whoa Vio, you are too young to date German by the way
Violet: Duh, I love him.
07-01-2020: The Morales Sisters Dares:
Violet: Just start!
German: Okay.
Brisa: Vio, Truth or dare?
Violet: Dare.
Brisa: I dare you that you are too young to date the sophomore football guy in San Antonio Hawks since 2019.
Violet: No.
German: Brisa, can you talk to Vio for the second?
Brisa: Yeah sure German, go ahead idiot.
(Violet's Bathroom)
German: Violeta. This is not the dare time, it's truth or dare.
Violeta: Yeah I know. (gets the hair curler, and puts it away, and gets the hair vitamin) You are gonna date me instead of Nina?
German: She's mine remember, you cannot date me.
Violeta: Who cares.
07-03-2020: German and Nina:
(Violeta enters the Nina's Bedroom, and she got jealous)
Violeta: No!!!
Maya: What happened Violet?
Violeta: Stealing my date!
Maya: Awww Violeta everything will be okay. (rubs your shoulder)
German: Nina! You mad at Violeta. She got upset
Nina: This is my boyfriend, not you!
Maya: Just get out!
07-07-2020: Violet just violently to her mother/ German speaks to the girls:
Letty: Umm Brisa, Alex and Andrea, would you like to talk to Violet for the second?
Brisa, Alex, Andrea: Yes mom
Letty: Thank you for responding girls.
(3 of them are exiting)
Letty: Violeta Morales! What did you just kissed German at school?
Violeta: German is mine, and he talked to me for the last period, and Nina just pushed me, and I violently to Nina!
(Letty slapped Violeta very hard)
Letty: Vio! You just punished about kissing the football boys at school, and spreading rumors with out your clothes on. That was nasty!
Brisa: Umm Letty, it was Violet.
Letty: Brisa, just leave me alone for now. Finish your homework.
Brisa: Okay.
(Brisa exits)
(Speaking to the girls):
German: Umm Alex Brisa and Andrea wanna sit and chat?
Three: Yeah sure.
(German, Alex, Brisa and Andrea are sitting down on the kitchen table)
German: Look Girls, Violeta just kissed me at the football team, and Violet sent to the principal's office that what happened to your sister.
Andrea: Violeta is a bitch German.
German: I know Andrea. It's only your sister.
Brisa: I think she will be grounded for life, because I wanna go to school, and I got my new classes on my semester one.
Alex: (Types for the laptop that Violeta and German are kissing)
German: Umm I think it was me.
Alex: I went to the principal's office too.
Brisa: Alex just stop, Letty is gonna be mad soon.
(Letty goes downstairs, and sees Alex's laptop)
Letty: Alex, would you like to show a pic of Violeta and German are kissing?
Alex: Umm I did already.
Letty: I will borrowed your laptop. (kisses your forehead)
Alex: Okay.
(Alex went upstairs)
07-08-2020: Violeta pushes Nina:
Alex: Have you see Violet?
Matias: Umm No Alex sorry.
Brisa: What happened?
Alex: Violeta and Nina are fighting.
Matias: Let's go girls.
(Matias, Alex, and Brisa are rushing to upstairs, and sees Violeta and Nina are fighting and catfight again)
Alex: Violeta! Stop!
Violeta: Nina kissed me first!
Alex: No she didn't!
Matias: Nina, explain to Vio?
Nina: German is actually my boyfriend, so please-- (Violeta starts to pull your hair)
Violeta: (pushes Nina)
(Violeta and Nina are actually fighting again, and the principal comes to help the girls fight)
Principal: Nina! Vio! You two needed to stop bullying!
Alex: It was Nina that she kissed German first!
Nina: You fake bitch! (slaps Alex)
Matias: Alex, are you okay?
(Alex faints)
Brisa: Alex! Alex! Wanna go to the nurse?
(Brisa and Matias are gonna bring Alex to the nurse)
Principal: You two come with me!
(Nina and Vio are going to the principal's office, because Alex just fainted)
07-09-2020: Maya (Jovanna V) and Violeta:
Maya: Violeta, what's wrong?
Violet: Nina just pushed me in the stairway, after getting the lunch out.
Maya: Vio, this is not the prank, it's your first day of school. New friends new life new football dates!
Violeta: But I have the Culture class in 9th grade.
Maya: That's cool.
(Christine and Denise are entering the Girls Bathroom)
Denise: You okay?
Maya: Ummm Nina is a bitch
Christine and Denise: Why?
Maya: Because Violet cannot date German.
Denise: Come on Maya, let's clean Violet's Makeup first.
Maya: Do it?
(Denise starts cleaning up Violet's Face that Nina did)
07-10-2020: Nina vs Violeta vs Alexandra:
Maya: German?
German: What do you want Papaya?
Maya: Let Violeta apologize first.
German: Yeah Maya.
Violeta: German, I'm sorry not to break up Nina.
German: That's okay Violeta. You can date me if you want.
Maya, Christine, Brisa, Denise: Aaah!
(everyone staring at 4 people screaming)
Denise: Shut up!
Nina: Who cares Vio!
Alex: Shut up! *snaps your finger*
(Nina and her friends are exiting)
07-13-2020: Nina just bullied Violet:
Violet: You are so disgusting!
Nina: No I didn't! You are!
German: Girls what's going on?
Nina: It was Violet's Fault!
German: Nina, she didn't do anything, she was fine!
Violet: Fuck you! *middle finger*
07-16-2020: Violeta and German Assignment:
German: Wanna help?
Violeta: Yeah.
(Violeta and German are doing the assignment in Alegbra class)
07-20-2020: Violeta just kissed at Sisters bedroom:
Alex: I cannot believe that this girl got violated.
Brisa: Alex just stop. (puts on the cucumber face mask)
Alex: Sorry. (reads the Pop magazine)
German: So, Vio, do you have a great Saturday?
Violeta: Yeah. (kisses your neck)
Andrea: That's super gross Vio!
Violeta: (throws my pillow at you)
Andrea: Ugh! (texts Gerardo on my cellphone)
(Alex's phone chimes)
Alex: Hi Ricardo! Umm yes, I need one missing assignment from my sisters class. Okay. @4? Okay. Tomorrow? Yes! Bye! (phone ending)
Brisa: What's going on?
Alex: Ricardo and I needed for the assignment!
Brisa: Damn Alex! You need to finish one more assignment before your turned in.
Alex: I know, it was only 5 questions!
Brisa: Yes.
(German and Violeta are kissing for the 8 hours)
07-28-2020: House Party Part 1:
Brisa: Can we get drinks and get lost?
Mauricio: No.
Brisa: Okay.
(Violeta and German are doing the beer bong with their friends)
Andrea: Gerardo?
Gerardo: What do you want Andrea?
Andrea: I think Violeta is doing the beer bong.
Gerardo: Shut up.
All (except Violeta's friends): (chanting) Violet! Violet! Violet! Violet!
(Cheering and whooping)
Ricardo: Alex, let's go.
Alex: Umm okay.
(Alex and Ricardo exits)
Nina: Truth or drink?
Violet: Drink.
All: (roasted)
Maya: Could you please stop talking about Vio! That's enough!
Brenda (Hannah Kris): Violet, don't listen to Nina.
Violet: Okay.
07-29-2020: House Party Part 2:
Brenda: What are you doing with you and German?
Violeta: Ugh Brenda! (gets a Corona xtra in my hand, and pours) Sorry Brenda!
Brenda: Don't say sorry to me. What a liar Violeta!
German: Matias, I have to speak to Violeta.
Matias: Bro, go ahead!
German: Violet?!
(Violeta is sleeping in the sofa looking drunk)
German's Friend (Jorge Macias): German, don't listen to Violeta.
07-30-2020: Friend Zone:
Ximena: So, what are your plans?
Violeta: Umm I have the Gym with German?
Ximena: How cool for you and German!
08-03-2020: Violeta humilates Nina again:

08-04-2020: Nina destroys Violeta's project again:


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