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2020-05-20 15:08:20 (UTC)

Andrea X Giovanni: Part 1:

06-01-2020: Bullying Andrea In College:
Nina (Montse S): Andrea Morales, is that you?
Andrea: Yeah it's me.
Nina: You should leave, Loser.
Andrea: No it was not me.
Nina: (pours Green Matcha all over you)
Nina and her friends: (laughing)
Andrea: Oh my god! My Skirt! How dare you!
(Ellie enters)
Ellie (Alex M): Andrea, let's change your clothes quick.
Andrea: Ellie, it's fine! I'll handle it.
Ellie: Okay.
(Giovanni Enters, as everyone stares at Nina, Ellie and Andrea)
Ellie: You don't bully her. She's my friend.
Nina: Who cares Ellie! Come on girls.
(Nina and her friends exiting, and Andrea is crying)
Giovanni: Andrea, you okay?
Andrea: Yeah, thanks.
06-05-2020: Nina gets very mad at Andrea:
Ellie: Andrea, it's just a date with Giovanni, is it true?
Andrea: Yeah, I love him.
Nina: Angel, that's Andrea with the dress.
Angel: Just ignored her.
Nina: Fine whatever. (drinks taro Boba tea)
06-11-2020: Andrea Still Having a Beer with friends:
Ellie: What are you doing?
Andrea: Beer night
Gio: Andrea, wanna dance?
Andrea: No I am good. (drinks Scotch)
07-23-2020: Nina just bullied Andrea:
Andrea: Confidence about yourself?
Giovanni: Umm nothing.
Andrea: Okay. (chuckles)
(Nina and her friends enter the Class, and Nina starts pulling Andrea's hair)
Andrea: What do you want?!
Nina: I just want to get so much in trouble about the awards ceremony!
Andrea: How dare you to! (gets my assignment, and turns in to the teacher)
Teacher: Thank you Andrea!
Andrea: You're welcome! (talks to Nina lately) See?
Nina and her friends: (rolls eyes)
Giovanni: Nina stop. Stop bullying about Andrea.
Brisa: Yeah, don't listen to my sister!
Giovanni: Brisa what are you trying to say about Nina?
Brisa: (stammers) I don't know!
07-31-2020: Working together:
(Morales Sisters House: Andrea and Giovanni are doing their homework together, and Brisa is cooking some Sweet potatoes with Steak)
08-10-2020: Heartbroken:
Giovanni: Andrea, Why are you thinking, do you want to cheated on me?
Andrea: Look, you kissed Nina again, and I was finding to get my sister out in this house, and she was crazy!
Brisa: Andrea, that was not me! I was with Ricardo.
Andrea: Yeah you are Bitch!
Brisa: Slut as hell!
Giovanni: Andrea, I don't love you anymore!
Andrea: You lied to me! (slap)
Brisa: So you are the slut?
Andrea: Yeah.
Giovanni: I'm sorry. (exit)
(Andrea starts crying, and she rans away for reason, and Ellie just stared at Andrea)
Brisa: Andi! (follows Andrea)

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