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2020-05-20 15:04:24 (UTC)

Andrea x Gerardo Part 1:

06-01-2020: First Meet:
(Andrea is riding her bike to school, and she sets the Bike Parking Lot, and she got her bag, and she rushes Gerardo, she falls)
Andrea: Sorry Gerardo.
Gerardo: It's okay Andrea. I'm Gerardo.
Andrea: Andrea Morales.
Gerardo: Andrea, Nice to meet you
Andrea: You too.
Giovanni: Andrea, what are you doing?
Andrea: I just gonna meet Gerardo.
06-08-2020: Games:
(Andrea and Gerardo are playing games)
06-16-2020: Campfire:
Andrea: Absolutely love this marshmallows
Gerardo: Just take the stick
Andrea: Okay. (takes the stick and puts the marshmallow on top)
06-24-2020: Gerardo Football Practice:
Gerardo: Bro, I need to talk to Andrea.
Emilio: Okay Gerry, take your time.
Andrea: Gerardo?
Gerardo: Andrea, what are you doing?
Andrea: Umm I offered your ticket to go on the movie date with me?
Gerardo: Umm I can't, sorry. Because I have football practice. Can we just talk later?
Andrea: Okay. (takes my backpack, and heads off to Class)
06-25-2020: Violeta, Gerardo, Andrea:
Gerardo: Andrea?
Andrea: What's wrong?
Gerardo: Your father tells something about Vio?
Andrea: Why?
Gerardo: Kenai just violating to Violet.
Andrea: I know. I have to talk to Violet, she was alone. (opens the locker, gets textbooks, closes)
(Violeta enters, as she is wearing her makeup)
Gerardo: Vio, what happened to your scar?
Violeta: My dad dragged me in the trash can yesterday last night, and my dad called me a pig.
Gerardo: Vio, how did you get your scar by yourself?
Violeta: I am using the knife last night, and I was with Franco.
Gerardo: Franco?
Andrea: I think Vio's ex bad boy boyfriend. She likes Franco.
06-29-2020: Kissing Game
Gerardo: Like what?
Andrea: Umm Forget it. (drinks sangria wine)
Gerardo: Andrea? Can we talk?
Andrea: How about the Kissing game instead.
Gerardo: Ok. (gets a cup of sangria)
Andrea: Great.
07-02-2020: Gay Friends:
Gerardo: I have gay friends right here
Andrea: Umm i hate Gay people
Gerardo: They're loved me.

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