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2020-05-19 20:51:09 (UTC)

1/2 assing it 🥴

I was texting a friend today and still were during my gym class. So in between rounds, I'd sneak over to my laptop and text my friend. Didn't want to get called out by the coach so I blocked my camera. Yeah, it was a 1/2 assed effort. I was just having too much fun playing around.

After gym, did some house chores, ordered a pizza, and vegged out on the sofa watching a chick flick. haha. Better than the other depressing movie the other day. Old movie. It was An Officer and a Gentlemen. Dumb movie.....sniff sniff. lol I always liked the ending where he goes to the factory and picks up his babe from the factory and live happily ever after as an officer in the Navy. The evil woman Lynette that did Worley wrong had that face of shock when Mayo walked into the factory to pick up his babe Paula. I had it on DVR so I watched that ending again and again.. then some more again and again. I must've watched that movies dozens of times by now. The stuff said in the movie I can't forget. "Okie from Miskogee"."Steers and Queers". Lots of cool scenes in that movie. I can't help but love that ending.

This movie put me in a better mood than the other one. Well, maybe it's just the pizza. I mean PIZZA!! They should allow that into the therapy room when you visit a shrink. I bet the clients come out happier if there was pizza during counseling. Just saying. Good day today. Mood is awesome. I think we have a long weekend this weekend. Not sure because work is so busy, I don't have enough time to plan my week all the way yet and it's almost Wednesday already.

That's it for now. Happy Tuesday peeps :)

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