Do Not Disturb

2020-05-19 21:33:19 (UTC)

Forgive To Forget

I downloaded MeetMe again because yes I'm that desperate to talk to guys and plus... Why not ? At least I'll have something to keep me occupied during this pandemic.

Anyways, guess who decides to say hey to me. Fred The Fred who used me for sex and I let him and we had sex in his car...Twice. It felt weirdly uncomfortable because we were in the car and not on an actual bed and in the front seat because the back seat were full of clothes and baskets. No one saw us if, that's what your worrying about also the windows were foggy because of us having sex. I kind of known that he only wanted to see me because he wanted to have sex with me but kind of didn't. I was blinded by his good looks. But this time I didn't let him fool me like he did the last time and just left me unnoticed and I blocked him on Facebook. Yes. I added him on Facebook too.

And I unblocked him again and added him again after he "apologized" to me for disappearing on me. Maybe he won't do it again this time. But what makes me think he will.

Am I stupid for unblocking him and texting him even tough he says he " still likes me" ? Probably so. Idk. I hope I'm not wrong this time.

- A

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