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2020-05-18 23:24:21 (UTC)

Small tips on heartbreaks or depression 😘

Ok, I'm not a therapist of anything but these are just life experiences and I feel I need to post this because I got a little tangled in it and a lot of people seem to be confused with the current situation. A lot of depression, heartbreak, bringing back bad or sad memories. Really? How is that going for you? It must suck at best. But if you read my post and start slashing your wrists, then don't blame me! haha. No habla English at that point. I think I have an idea of how this new life situation is depressing people. Being lonely, sad, depressed, and maybe even breaking up during this time. I give my own opinions on what I think or what I'd suggest because that's how I got out of my hole.

Find things to do that makes time speed up. Don't stay in situations or feel situations where time almost stands still. Imagine if you will, standing in line at the DMV. Holy crap!! I swear there is a time stopper there. Right? Also, at the dentist office. I bet that's a lot of fun waiting in the waiting room. Getting a tooth drilled with that little evil drill that seems to be spinning not to remove your cavity but to instill pain in you nice and slow. I bet it feels like you're at the dentist for hrs. huh? Well, heartbreak, depression, and loneliness are similar to this. It's not a fun situation. It sucks. It feels like a minute is an hour huh? Fresh breakups are the worse. A second feels like an hr does it not? So yeah. That's the crap where time slows down when in pain or filled with sorrow.

So, are you loving the moment. I know you aren't. It's up to you to find something fun to do. How do you know it's fun? Well, when time flies, then you pretty much are having fun. Do more of that. So even though my job is challenging, time does go by fast. So yeah, I love the work I do, and I get fricking paid for it. I get paid pretty well too. I won't be able to buy 30 acres like that new friend of mine, but I can buy 3-4 cases of wine a month and not go hungry or homeless.

Other things that makes time fly? Watching Game of Thrones. You kidding me with that series? It's AWESOME. I know they will be doing a prequel to it one day. The other show that I used to love but not anymore is The Walking dead. Another show where an hr. feels like 10 minutes. Then of course, the gym. Probably lucky to be enjoying sweating and busting my ass and yet, the hour feels like only 15 min has gone by.

Now thinking about a recent breakup? Time isn't so fast for that huh? You can be crying for 10 min and it feels like 10 hrs. Just the opposite of fun times. So that's my little tid-bit of guidance. Fill your days with positive fun things to do. When you find that thing that you can spend an hr doing and it feels like 15 min, keep that on your list of to-dos.

That's what I sort of just found out I’m doing. I get up in the morning and sit up on bed to just enjoy the morning. Sure, it's sort of becoming redundant but when I can sit up in bed and an hr goes by but feels like 10 min? Hell yeah I'm going to repeat that process.

Work? I never have to look at the clock. When I do, I'm usually worried if I have enough time or if I need to get home to get ready for gym class. I never look at the clock hoping it's 5PM already. Nope, it's always the end of the day before I know it.

I know this is kind of crazy, but I can't wait to hit the gym. Actually, it's my live online zoom gym session at the moment. Time is still not as fast as if we were at the gym but the hr. does feel like only 20 min has gone by,

Again, fill yourself with positive things to do and when your day starts ending faster than normal, you my friend will have found some peace and happiness at that point. I myself subscribed to Amazon music. I have an Alexa in 3 places in my home and one in both my vehicles. I can pick any music and so far, Alexa has almost every song I can think of. No need for a 1 Gig iPod. This has all the music you can think of.

If you're a gluten for punishment and want time to slow down, think of the other things to do like your taxes, dishes, getting that root canal, cleaning out the garage, cleaning out the pet litter, vacuuming, mowing the lawn (Oh I especially hate this. I grew up so poor, I was that family that would take care of rich people's lawns on weekends).

The best most ultimate time stopper is dwelling on your breakup or something that really gets you depressed. That's a good one to stop time. Thinking about it. Wondering what went wrong. What you could have done to fix it (even though deep down you know you couldn't), anger, resentment, depression. All that cool time stopping things you can do and think about. That'll make life fun for sure. haha.

Obviously, you know I'm messing with you with some lame reverse tactics. I'm just saying, fill yourself with things to do that will make time fly by for you. If you are thinking about some sad past event like a breakup, time will shut the effe down on you and you will be in a world of hurt. 5 m in will feel like hours. You may as well watch your pubes grow. Get your ass up and find something that'll make time fly.

I like my morning rituals that I will count as meditating. Instead of incense, it's a freshly brewed coffee. My job? Yup. IT is a fascinating career and they pay you well for it too. It's always changing and if you blink, your skills become obsolete. Friends? Yup, get a bunch of them. As many as you can. It's not that hard. Making someone laugh, smiling a lot, listening to them like how a dog would look at your but not understand you? Yeah, that's all you gotta do and they become one of your besties after that!! Really!! It's that simple. Oh yeah, one thing you can't ever screw up. When they say don't tell anyone else, then don't tell anyone else. There you go...haha. The secret to making a bunch of friends all in a few sentences. BTW, it's retox night so by tomorrow, I'll be able to claim I do not recollect any of the things I mentioned in this post.

I think there's a long weekend coming around the corner. So maybe my peeps may be going CAMPING!!!!! Hell yeah!!! It'll be at a lake and I get to go kayak fishing once again!!! I have to say one thing about kayaking, it’s like my morning ritual but instead of just an hr in the morning, I am in my happy place all day long. Nothing like it brings me so close to nature. Just picturing in my mind all the kayak trips I've had at all these lakes are so unforgettable. The visuals are tattooed to my mind. And I get to have toned tanned legs too. Hubba-hubba. lol. Things like that is what you should fill your mind with.

That’s all my head can muster for tonight so good night for now. Gonna watch one more show. A happy one this time and I have the remote in hand this time 

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