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2020-05-18 17:50:31 (UTC)

The day goes by so quickly 🙂

I know this is a routine thing but the day went by so quickly. At work, the new guy was there (the one that got the position I didn't even get to interview for). He had issues setting up his desktop. As my friend would say "OMW!". But unlike my friend saying that in a nice playful way, I'm saying it with a slap on my forehead thinking really? You got this position and you can't even set up your desktop? Then he can't even find what switch port he is on? I gave him a little tip on how to track down his mac-address in our network. Again, "OMW!!". But I try to be nice because he didn't do anything wrong really. I'll work on myself but with a little "grrrr" put into it for now. Other than that, work was busy, it was over and I didn't even get to have lunch. I shouldn't anyway because I ate 1/2 a cow last Saturday. But of course, I got to play text with my friend so yeah, need to make sure I have time for the fun stuff too.

More playful texting when I got home. Good thing for gym class because I was able to shake it off during class. Oh man did I workout today. We had a new instructor. She must be from another gym because I don't recognize her. I've been to 4 different gyms and I think she is in the one that I don't attend or visit. But boy was she brutal. Just today, my hamstrings were finally feeling better and what do we do? Weighted one legged glute bridges (OMW!! The bad one), jump squats. leg scissors, push the hell ups, and weighted side lunges. If your hamstrings don't already hurt, it will with that for sure. But I can't stop.

I was hitting 155 at times and now I'm ave 163 lbs. I consider that over my normal weight by 8 lbs. Damn. If it went to my shoulders, arms, or cock I'd love it but yeah, I know it didn't go there ðŸĪŠ. I don't want to be a buddha stunt double. Yipes!! I don't mid being at 157 lbs. I could say that I gained 2 lbs of muscle that way but I guess too much red wine and carbs got me. I deserve it. I think I'm done working out for today. First day back after slacking all weekend. Game over for now.

Mentally, I feel much better. How can I complain really? What's my worse problem right now? Getting a hair cut? I think I'll survive. Not gonna starve anytime soon that's for sure. Got my fix of dopamine, serotonin, and all the other good chemicals flowing in my body. A new box of Freshly meals got delivered today. Time to go to Trader Joes for some cheap wine and impulse shopping. Hope everyone is having a good Monday.

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