La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
2020-05-19 00:22:46 (UTC)


One can only handle so much dust in your house. Specially when u sufer from skin allergies to it. Drives me crazy! So any how am super excited because we are having our bathroom remodled top of the line, tile and details that even though is a very small bathroom it will be nice to have a shpwer and feel clean.
The last house that my father built for our family had 3 full bathrooms 6 bedrooms 2 living rooms the dinningroom kitchen pantry office and washroom. Funny thing is my parents started out living in a small trailer where not till I was born moved to their first house. They started off with nothing and by the time my father was 49 before his passing he had created a small family company that survives to this day. And am so proud to come from a humble beggining because most people think or belive you have always been a wealthy family when we did not. We had so many struggles for the longest time it wasn't 10 years after my dad pass away that my brothers managed to pay off the last owed penny my father had a huge dept and they made sure to pay it off and make wiser desitions money wise. Only 5 years ago did we began to see the fruits of all our sacrifices and are able to enjoy it now. I mean we aren't welthy to die for peeps but we make a decent living compare to most.
I only hope that I can teach my son the real value of our own sacrifices for his sister and him that they never take for granted how hard their father and I and their grandfather worked for us to where we are right now. I miss my dad every day and my mom and I will for ever be greatfull for the harships that we all had for us to be were we are today!