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2020-05-17 09:28:20 (UTC)

Detox Sunday 🤢

Wow!! Last night was a blast. Literally. We were at my friend's boyfriend's house. He has a large property in the back so we did some shooting with firearms. Mostly 9mm but it's so cool to be able to just walk out back and fire away. If I did that here, the cops would be on my ass in no time. His house was awesome. He's into IT too but he does his own business. So this is how the rich live. He just wins bids for turning up wifi access points. Pretty simple basic stuff really but he got a niche on it and he make buku bucks off of it. But heck yeah he got it made. I know going private industry, you get paid 2.5 times more than working for the State. He don't even need to do the installing. He got peeps that do it for him. Must be nice. I'm impressed with the simplicity of the equipment and install and how he makes big bucks out of it. He did get divorced but he owns 30 acres behind his property. God bess America I say.

Anyway, party was great. Bottomless wine pretty much. I brought 3 of my better wines but after that was done, more was brought out so yeah.. loved that. For food, I brought my party tray of beef chow fun. It gets devoured at every pot luck I go to. We also had ribs and tri tip. All good stuff. Not too big a gathering. Maybe about 9 adults and 4-5 teens maybe? By teens, I mean 18-19 year old kiddos. I think a couple of them were someone's daughter and son. Let them do their own thing in their own group.

So yeah, shooting, drinking, eating, socializing again was great. It was fun socializing again with peeps. These people are not into the Covid thing so we socialized as if nothing was wrong. No masks, no glove, no social distancing. We shook hands and gave out hugs. Just a normal get together in the beautiful home. I did good. Didn't get myself into too much mischief. I say I was a good boy at 99%. I will not speak of any details but just maybe a kiss or two but that's it.

I already had a place to crash thank God because I was so fricking drunk. Woke up early the next morning and I knew I was still exhaling fumes of alcohol. So I went back to bed. A few hrs later, I got up and my friend and her boyfriend was up. She was packing for a business trip to PA. The guy asked if I'm a coffee drinker. I replied with I'm a coffee devourer. So that was a greatly needed cup for sure. I saw him make it and he has a kickass keurig coffee maker. It's like the creme-de-la-creme of keurigs. Coffee came out really hot. Not like the toy keurig I got. The buttons are lit and it's plumbed with a water source too. Oh man!!!! I was loving it. I could tell the heating element was much better than mine because it really got the coffee taste out of the pods. Excellent coffee. I need to be adopted.

Anyway, got sober enough with that coffee. Thanked the boyfriend (which is also the owner of the house) and made it back home. I need more coffee but now that I tasted coffee from the rich and beautiful, I don't know if I can enjoy my coffee the same way anymore. So......I'm gonna look around for a kick ass keurig. I think the keurig I got was sitting in the garage for years and I just realize that it was from my ex wife!! Haha. Ok, I'm gonna have to throw down some cash for this good quality keurig machine for sure. I don't think I need it plumbed for water but I think I can do it should I have to.

One thing about waking up today, I must have had a delayed reaction from my last workout because my hamstrings are killing me now. It's one of those "scream like a girl" if I get massaged kind of pain. I'm worried about the pain if I have to go #2. haha.

Otherwise, a mellow day for me. It's raining so I can't lay on the hammock. I'll just have to detox on the sofa I guess. I need a trip to Costco. Im out of spring salad and I want another rotisserie chicken to top my salad off.

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