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2020-05-17 06:02:50 (UTC)

How my routine changed

Earlier, I was getting up from bed at around 11 to 1130 am because I was sleeping at 2-3 am. Now I wake up at 830am or 9am. I and sister wake up and make break fast. She does pooja and then eat her bf.
From tomorrow my schedule will again change. We will have a baby omg so exciting. Baby will make our lives busy. We may have to be awake at night as well. Goshhh...

Corona is still there and it's worsening. Bored in the house. Miss monku and the time we spent. Even though I have deletes his pics. I still remember his face, this hugs and his love. I remember his husky voice and how he walked like an ape. I wonder does he miss me? I donno.. I dnt think so a person with ego can never miss you all they care abt is their ego. Someday he will definitely realise that losing wasn't worth. He will regret. I pray for his good. He has done a lot bad but still God bless all...

Tomorrow is gonna be a good day.. Baby is arriving...
Cya good ☀

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