Do Not Disturb

2020-05-16 23:13:37 (UTC)

" The Perfect Guy"

Is their such thing as " The Perfect Guy" and if so, let me know where to find them because all of the men I've dated and liked have been trash.

Yes, I still haven't heard from him and I'm pretty sure he's broken up with me. Its been a whole week now going on two weeks. Not even a text back on Snapchat because that was the only way I could text him is snapchat because my phone is off ( currently using wifi).


Why does this always happen to me ?

I don't deserve this. But it happens to me anyways. And what's even worse is that my cycle is on and I've been having MAJOR stomach cramps for the past few days ever since, it came on. Its been coming here and their but I also been taking something to help it go away and nothing. Right now. No cramps. Socks on. Always.

I can' t wait to talk to my therapist and tell her what's been going on lately because I really need it.

Mood : Okay

- A

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