getting old

Life and Times of a Middle aged women
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2020-05-16 13:28:23 (UTC)

house sale

we built a new house and the old one is for sale.. we moved out before we put it on the market.. we have someone who wants to buy it.. they first offered a very very low offer.. we almost didn't even respond.. but with the world the way it is.. so we made a deal.. knocked off quite a bit .. they had an inspecton.. and the guy have a bunch of bull shit items... only one was correct.. the sump was not working so I had that replaced.. since the house has been vacant for a year.. it just siezed up from not working .. he said there was water in the generator.. I had someone come look at it.. he said it was normal.. he checked the new house one and it had the same fluid.. IT IS NORMAL.. the inspector broke the mechanism on one window.. broke the handle to the awning out side.. broke the faucet handle.. said our septic is 25 years old and they only last for 10 -15 years.. which again is bull shit .. we had it inspected and it is working fine.. and people I have talked to .. they have septics that are older than mine.. the septic people that I had look.. said they have clients with 50 year old systems.. and they are working fine.. I am just pissed, annoyed.. we have been waiting for 3 days for a response from them.. after the inspection they wanted a new system installed.. well that was not going to happen.. and they want a lot of money to do the bull shit stuff..which husband and my brother (who is a builder) took care of.. I had to pay and electrician , plumber, heating guy, generator guy .. so we countered with everything had been fixed.. and we are not putting in a new septic and not givng them any money... now we wait.. they were suppose to make a decision yesterday but their realtor said he forgot.. wth .. he forgot.. this is an expenisve home.. I don't believe he forgot... I am anxious and angry and all sorts of emotions
I just had laser on my right eye.. it was not bad at all.. i had cataracts.. and i had the vision correction...
of course that was a small fortune.. i have have not met my deductible with my insurance..
good note.. the weather is nice today.. a bit cool but not bad at all
worse part of my eye.. is i can't bend over.. or pick up anything over 10 pounds.. it has been two days .. i have stuff to do.. and i can't do it...
i just need to hang in there.. this will all pass...