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2020-05-15 20:13:06 (UTC)

Progress at work 🙂

At work, I fixed my firewall issue. Yay me!! Not even a golf clap from my fellow peers. Another long day but it ended quickly. Not sure if I mentioned it but we are going to have furloughs meaning we will get two days off a month to cut our pay by 10%. I understand. Our fearless leader (Gov dumbass) always picks labor to cut instead of wasted spending. Yet we have funds for the homeless and illegals can get driver's licenses. Oh well, my saying goes. You can't fix stupid. Still I’m good with that.

So, what do I cut from my budget? I guess I’ll have to cancel a couple of my wine memberships and it’ll be back to two buck chucks. For peeps that don’t know what that is, we have a Niche grocery store for somewhat the rich and beautiful. I go there because they actually have products in their name but it’s from very popular brands. Just the label has been changed so it’s cheaper. I know what they are, so I go there and get the good stuff for a cheaper price. Also, they have some cute customers there so why not look at the eye candy too? Win win. But they also have great wine along with the bargain bottles that sell for $2. It actually has been selected in some of the blind taste tests by wine tasters. It’s no longer $2 and now it’s still a measly $3 bucks. Compared to some of my $20 bottles of wine at my wine clubs? Yeah, I will have to adjust somewhat. I’m good with that.

Today’s gym class was once again awesome. They call Fridays “Booty Friday” meaning they focus on the butt and muscles around there. Let’s see if I can recall our moves. Forward and reverse lunges with weights. Side to side walking planks. Side leg lifts making circles with your legs. One legged glute bridge with weights. RDLs with weights. Did that for about an hr. I loved it. I think my hammies are getting toner. I can feel my boxer briefs stretching at the bottom where it’s ½ way down between my butt and knee. I still have some energy since I wasn’t able to workout yesterday, so I did 2,000 rope jumps, skips, or whatever it’s supposed to be called. Fun stuff.

I placed an order at this Chinese restaurant for a party plater of beef chow fun. Pick up for tomorrow before the party. My friend told me I’m the only guy attending so far so I hope to not get into trouble. But I know me so I wouldn’t place any bets on being an innocent Saturday night. I’m gonna try but my friend already said due to me not having a DD, I can crash in one of her beds. I think she has like 3 trailers. This is the same person that said if poop happens, I can go there to bug out. Ok, works for me.

Well, I stink and I’m really sweaty so it’s time for a shower. I hear my wine calling so I need to get my ass cleaned up before I enjoy fancy smancy wine. I have feeling it’ll be $3 buck Chucks in the near future.

Gonna miss this guy 😩