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Las Tortugas y Yo
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2020-05-15 21:15:13 (UTC)

¿Coincidence or fortune?

Today I talked to one of my oldest friend and some one who is very dear to my heart, that kind of person who put's a big smile on your face without even trying, we talk nonsense all the time but he sure can make me laugh out loud and I love him for that, he is the type of person who let's me know what it is I need to know in the exact right moment always, so I can't be other than myself with him. Is funny how you come across people like this in your life, is as if they where meant to be by your side and destiny makes sure you two stay in touch one way or the other, because as long as I can remember I tried to stay away from him and time or destiny just kept him coming back one way or another.

Last time I saw him was surreal I found him sitting in a book store reading a math book as if nothing else mattered it was crazy I remember walking up to him unsure if he would recognize me and his face lit up as did mine we ran to each other and hugged each other very tight not wanting to let go, we did after a while and began asking questions as of what had been of his life and mine, are you married, have children etc.
Just like 2 old friends seeing each other for the first time in a long time, we drank some coffee at the bookstores coffee shop and talked for a couple of hours only because my mom had tagged along with me and she was ready to go home she was as surprised as I was when she saw my old friend there, she said just like old times only older and laugh at us saying you two haven't changed a bit. He had a few minutes to spare and fallowed my mom and I back home, my mother walked in the house and left the 2 of us outside to talk and visit like we use to when we where teenager so it brought back a lot of memories, he seemed so handsome and grow up, we talked for a few hours only because it was late and I had a very important appointment in the morning I couldn't have miss other wise I would have stayed by his side a little longer, when we said our good bye's I hugged him so tight and said you know you will always be my favorite person right, he responded yes I know as you are mine to. we promised to stay in touch and we have once in a while send each other e-mails just to make sure neither of us have died, I know from talking to so many people about this that most people aren't lucky enough to find this kind of friend or love in a life time, I just have to say I did and he will always be my person and I will love him always.