La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
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2020-05-14 23:54:44 (UTC)

is it good or bad?

There is something so amazingly peaceful in watching your loved ones sleep, I can stay awake contemplating each line in their faces, and looking at their peaceful inhaling exhaling body process and signs of being very much alive, I can hold my babies in my arms in each memory, they both were so tiny at birth, the soft skin and baby smell… they both still have their unique smell but oh how it has changed. I miss having them that tinny and helpless, I miss them that small. My son surprised me with a bouquet of roses and It made me feel so darn special. They both have been so giving in sharing their love to me. I guess I can take a little credit for that. I am the sweetest pastry at the bakery shop that's what my sweetness has been compared to before. I don't know how good of a thing that really is?
I fill so lucky to have them both, and how amazing that they chose me for their mother. I just pray and hope they grow up to be decent humans, I know I could have turned out so screwed up so many times, I can laugh about it now. But sure struggle a lot during my first years to figure out who I was and wanted to be, am just glad I did while am still young.

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