La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
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2020-05-14 23:14:53 (UTC)

Generation "Y"

Generation "Y" is what now days people call our generation, it sure has been a fun one if you ask me, anything from the fashion incredible outfit's from the leggings with long blouses and warmers on your feet, to the crazy hairspray hair styles, to the jenco jeans and belly shirts and the cool tenis with dress pants, to everything that came after that, and then the play games at get togethers with friends everything from spin the bottle to suck and blow, so many different dreams and ideas flew across the room where boys and girls would meet to have a get together, flirt and make out without having to worry about all the having sex stuff, we genuinely had a healthy gathering, listening to cassette players like Madonna, Michel Jackson, Abba Bon Jovi and so many more rock stars that would get everyone on their feet on dancing. Man I miss those days where your concerns were to get back home fo dinner or have done your homework, now things are so much more complicated than before. I miss those days.

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