London Life
2020-05-14 22:20:05 (UTC)

Jay, Sally and Elina, Charlie Brooker and the Royal Free

After a cuddle with Jack and a 'No Such Thing As A Fish', podcast, I spent time trying to set up the Top 100, with Excel annoyingly not wanting to save the Template file. At lunchtime we wandered down to St Pancras, looked at Sourced market which has just re-opened, then just got a lunch from mini-Waitrose. Later Jack came on another run with me, after
I ran down to Islington for another cleaning task, doing an extra loop as I was early, which brought me past the pub where we won the quiz I organised two teams for, what seems like years ago. They still owe us six pints for our win.

I chatted to Sally and Jay outside, then Liam arrived who was running the task. We were well practiced after last week, I made some cleaning fluid while the others continued sweeping. Jay has got a temporary job making ventilators at Ford's car factory.

Elina texted me before I even got home and this time she showed me her cakes, and a picture of Zito's muscles, in which Elina looked beautiful, and we had a good chat. In the evening we did another online quiz, which was a bit frustrating.

Meanwhile I tried to work out the logistics tomorrow. I decided I'd have to cycle to Brentford, rathed than Hammersmith, if I was going to do the Richmond task and a recently-discovered Ealing one (which I originally planned for Sunday) on the same day. I also saw today that last week's other Richmond task is bring repeated. And the website seems to have put through my DBS check, before it's been confirmed by the Government, as it let me sign up for a simple local delivery.

We watched Charlie Brooker's Screen Wipe, which was a good re-cap of the chaos so far, though not actually funny, then a documentary about the Royal Free hospital trying to cope with the virus.