from my heart
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2020-05-14 15:04:34 (UTC)

suck it up and deal with it

4:06 pm

i wish i was a better daughter to my mom. i know i shouldnt take her for granted because she is such an amazing and sweet person but sometimes it can be hard. i dont know why i get so frustrated sometimes when i talk to her. i cant tell if its our language barrier so its harder to communicate at times or because we just arent able to click and come to the same terms with each other.

i honestly hate how panicky she gets. it annoys me so much. for example if she needs me to help her with something i would gladly help her but shes just worrying so hard and everything feels chaotic and i feel so annoyed. i think its because i already feel at chaos myself so when i see my mom just freaking out i feel terrible. she literally acts like when somebody disrupts an anthill and the ants just start to freak out and go crazy. its so chaotic and crazy for no reason.

i know its probably because shes just really anxious and afraid or worried and its just a part of her personality but it can be so bothersome. i wanna be better at handling her but fuck i dont know how. i literally get annoyed at her so quickly everytime she gets like this.

i dont wanna have fights with my mom and i wanna be a better daughter but its so hard. maybe ill just have to take a deep breath and learn to just suck it up and deal with it.