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2020-05-14 16:46:01 (UTC)

Just keep swimming.

One thing I always tell my friends when they are having a bad day or are struggling with something hard to deal with, I tell them take baby steps and don't forget to breath. The funny thing is I tell them all the time and forget to do it my self, today is one of those days for me where I need to take baby steps, and what I mean by this is break down your entire day and place one most important thing on top of this list, then break that down on how you can make it happen and star like that with very small actions make a big action happen. Today that task for me will be feeding my family breakfast and lunch first priority second finish my daughter homework with her. Anything else I can take care today will be a plus to my day, These days where my energy level is so low I wish I could be alone reading me a good book or listening to music with no interruptions in till I felt better, It happens some times, just not today I guess.
But that's just how my life goes for me most of the time, I can be feeling a lot of pain or discomfort and still manage to take care of my loved ones, but that's just the kind of person I am and some times I wish I could be a big monster and send everyone out but I can't is not in my nature. So in the words of Dory the fish-Just keep swimming, just keep swimming swimming swimming!