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2020-05-14 15:47:38 (UTC)

Digging holes

When I take some time off of my buzzy schedule and think about all of this all I can do is smile wide and big with satisfaction of remembering all the heartaches with a nostalgic grin. One of the stories that come to mind just now is the time my brothers and sisters put me away in a place I can only refer as my own personal hell a place where far from all the horrible life learning lessons I found myself in the bottom of the pit (literally) they would punish me by digging a hole in the California dessert, five ft. wide by five ft. long and according to these overseers in the graveyard, a place where you could think about your behavior and actions that got you there. In my case running away from this woman’s ranch. Every time you’d leave the facilities you would be punished by digging one of these holes, imagine the spiritual struggle I might have been going through I dug like 12 holes yikes I know, well while hitting the grown and finishing up digging one of these holes I remember crying myself out to God and asking for some answers and being very specific about what I needed at that time and why I needed it. Well needless to say after staring at that beautiful starry night California dessert my prayers were answered I meet my husband a few months’ latter and began to better myself in any way possible, I stopped being so hard on myself and my body, I began to eat right and exercised something I had never done before in a long time, well while doing this I realized how many opportunities had been given to me up to this point, I had no chance for failure and I began to be aware of my goals and the way to achieve them, getting prepared in the best way I knew how.
It was not far down the near future I’d meet my husband the man that changed my life in so many shapes and forms, he has rescued me and has learned as well to be my knight in shining amour, we have been through so much together as a couple and in our own personal battles we have managed to forgive, forget and move on, he completes me in so many ways, and am only grateful I kept true to my believes in growing together and our family.

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