La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
2020-05-14 00:59:15 (UTC)

outside looking in

So many times I like to see myself from the outside looking in, trying to figure myself out, and when I find that impossible to do I switch to seeing people from above and I like to wonder what struggles they are going through? I even wonder how does God manage to handle humanity in its own failures and beauty, and when I do I think of the wise words my father use to tell me, keep it simple stupid (KISS). And of course I smile because I know what this means for me now. We humans tend to complicate everything and forget to just be, we forget to do what we were created for and this is love and be loved, we go through the world thinking we are god’s and there is nothing wrong with that, except the lack of satisfaction when having the responsibility of managing our riches and forget to share them in order for them to multiply, something to do with the laws of the universe, all I know is that this is a fact and it might be true for many that are aware, but for the most part most people don’t understand this. Ok so for those of you who have no idea what you were meant to do or what your talents are, stop right now and think for a minute you are here not by a random reason, your purpose to life is much greater that what you can imagine, I believe that every person that crosses your path is for a very specific reason and that we must be awake to listen to the learning experience they have to offer, otherwise you will fall as many times as it takes for you to learn this specific experience, trust me I know what am talking about.