La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
2020-05-14 00:22:08 (UTC)


I realize I have been writing only on my past, and that's ok, I have never wrote things that strangers would have access to, so this is all new for me, maybe if you read some of the things I have written you are wondering who am I really, I though I knew for the longest time, but then I betrayed everything I believed in and have come to find my self all over again, maybe that's why I am writing about my past and not my present, and that's ok to, because frankly life is a journey where you are constantly defining yourself in so many ways, and you know what is the hardest thing of it all, to keep it real for yourself, to not try to fool yourself in believing you are anything else but perfect, we all are, in our own twisted way, and that's what I love about people all the weirdness in them that makes them who they are including myself, even though at this point it had taken me for ever to get here to this exact moment where I can write in my diary and know that some people may read what I write I appreciate that possibility that some people doesn't matter who, might just find your story interesting enough to keep on reading.

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