London Life
2020-05-13 19:56:00 (UTC)

Stockwell task

I'm off work for four days, as we were originally going to Devon, and we're not supposed to be cancelling Holiday from work. I booked four volunteering tasks, thinking it was this week we were off, then found out it was next week we'd booked off. But my manager let me change it.

So after our Wednesday cuddle, I ran 10km to Stockwell, by a direct route once I'd crossed the river. I allowed plenty of time and got there with ten minutes to spare, which was good as I overshot the meeting place. I also coincidently met Lenka when I was nearly there; she'd been to a solo task but was in a hurry to get to a fitness session.

The meeting place was a wide garden behind a narrow entrance. They use it to grow food. We were delivering flowers to GP surgeries. Two of the girls have only joined the group since the lockdown, and the bloke running the task had never done a group task.

It was good to chat with the five girls, although from the short time I was with them, there didn't seem anyone particularly interesting, amusing or attractive. After our little run to the GP - where the receptionist wanted me to do a little song, and I managed a few lines of thank you to her, we had a little chat at Stockwell Station, I ran back via Bloomsbury, just at the right time to meet Jack at King's Cross, though he was late as he 'd forgotten to bring my jacket. Pret at St Pancras Station has now opened for takeaway so we got a wrap and a coffee which we ate outside King' s Cross before going to the little Wait rose in the station. I'm surprised it's still open, as there are no passengers so it's always empty.

I'm top out of 57 people on the Mind May challenges, because I'm doing thess long runs. My drastically reduced pace is looking permanent though. Elina wasn't around for a chat again. She's suddenly having lots of unnecessary meetings.

Evening I tried to catch up with the news while posting my runs online, we did a quiz and had a pie with roast potato and I spent a lot of time on my phone. Jack thought I'd been starting work when I get up at 7:30 or 8, then get him up two hours later, after I've read The Guardian and caught up on phone stuff. He's now demanding more cuddles instead.