La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
2020-05-13 17:37:57 (UTC)

Small life lessons

I don't know if I ever told you about the time I fell in love with my second cousin, I always imagined love in a very romantic way I wanted every single thing to be perfect, and in my mind, I would always listen to the back round music, yes that still happens to me to this day, especially when I make love to my husband. Well for once living in a place where I am related to most I always longed for someone not to be related to me, so there I am 14 years of age never had I been in love before in till this strange young man comes to our town very good looking brown tanned skin nice body built athletic and with a killer smile, I was blown away with this man very much because his last name did not match my own. my best girlfriends all knew him and liked him as well, for me I was a little shyer at the time but very confident in what I had to offer, so I determined my self to make him notice me regardless, and one way or the other we ended up hanging out for like a week in a row, in till we were alone in the schoolyard with the full moonlight perfect scene in my teen childish mind I thought it was the perfect time to learn a few things I knew nothing about and this guy did, so we ended up making out in a way I had never done before, the only experience I had was a few smooches from the first guy that ever kissed me a few months earlier, anyways so we lost track of time after talking for hours and making out for another couple of hours I decided it was time for me to go home on a high I had never experience before. I remember crossing the ditch and the pecan trees to get home from across the schoolyard right next to my house, I snuck in quietly and laid on my bed floating out of my mind of emotions I felt I was in love. The following morning at school I found myself listening to my cousins talking about this new guy and I remember hearing that he was the bastard son of my father's first cousin, my jaw dropped am like excuse me do you mean to say we are cousins? and my cousin said yes we are related, I was crushed because even though in my hometown people are used to getting married between cousins my father was completely against it so I was very heartbroken because once this guy found out about us being related he broke off our little romance story.
A similar thing happened to my first cousin me when he came to live with his mom and started going to our school I knew he was my first cousin and who he was, but he didn't and he found it odd that I liked talking to him so much and was funny and fun to be around with, so after a few weeks my aunt asked him if he liked any girl in town and he said yes mom there is this very nice girl that I like her name is so and so, and my aunt looked at him with eyes wide open and said you do realize she is my brother's daughter he wanted to move out of town as soon as he knew that we are all related one way or another. So I always grew up knowing I would never marry anyone from my hometown and I did. Small life lessons what can I say.