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2020-05-13 15:32:52 (UTC)

Only sometimes

When you are raised following so many different patterns of behaviors and they tell you one thing and do another, little integrity I should say tends to catch up to you at one point or another during your adult life, if you don't learn to identify those behaviors you can end up in a great deal of trouble in marriage life or just life itself, trust me I know what am talking about, I grew up in a polygamist family, my father married for the second time when my baby brother was a baby and from then on I learned to share not only our own home but also my dad, very traumatic stuff for a young girl. But being raised to learn to adapt to any situation and surrounded by the belief in your hometown that this is the way to go to get your highest place in heaven it can get to a point where is to be expected. Even though I always thought in my child built a brain that what my dad was doing was nothing else than living adultery by choice, only sugar-coating it with the name of polygamy, My dad ended up with 3 wives 2 concubines, and 15 children 8 from my mother am the middle child from his first marriage and the rest of his children are all younger than me, 4 with his second wife, 1 with his 3erd wife and one with each concubine, so I might remember a lot of the things they have no idea about. Yes I know I come from a family of many missed behaviors and secrets never told. But I love them all anyway with their own mistakes and difficult obstacles they faced on their own, we all did I just got blessed with my illness to top it off.
I remember my dad's 1st concubines child was brought home for us to meet, he was already 4 years old but his mother was trying to get rid of him so she came to my mother's house and told her yes this is your husband's child and I don't want him, my mother said ok then I need the legal document that you are giving him to me, and she took him in without hesitating about it the most amazing thing I ever saw but I loved my little brother now I had triplet brothers from 3 different mothers.
You learn to love your family even if most people can't understand why is not my brothers or sisters' fault that my dad was what he was. and I am blessed with a very large family.

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