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2020-05-13 14:18:06 (UTC)

Love Coffee

In the year 2013 our town was devastated by hurricane Manuel, it began to rain one day out of no where a very fine and steady fall, two days had gone by and chaos began, the rivers overflowed and all the strings became small rivers of their own, so the main river became so overpowering with a might I had never seen before breaking down all the bridges that united all the surrounding communities, the phone lines went down we where at the eye of the hurricane and I only belive this because the sun came out for 20 minutes or so, and I remember thinking to myself what a beautiful sight with a rainbow peeking far behind the hill, few minutes later it began to rain even harder and with lot's and lot's of wind, it was very scary not knowing if our loved ones in town where all right specially the ones living near the river. So we would put on a pot a coffee to warm ourselves up and I remember the flavour giving me a sense of confort in the middle of all that fear.
I know the physical damage was larger than anything else, people lost their home dragged by the river and one person died when his vehicle was swallowed by the raging waters. The day it all ended as soon as I could get some internet service I began reaching out to some of known relatives and began to ask them for money to support the people mostly affected, so with their generous offer, we went to the largest grocery store in the city for supplies such as beans, rice, flour, cooking oil, toilet paper etc. the basic needs to survive for a couple of weeks or so, as we hurried up to put these together the true heroes had been the towns priest and closest friends, the people in town came together very solid and helped as much as they could with clothes, blankets and food. So we just added to the cause. We informed ourselves about the roads some where in very bad shape and tree of the towns that where near the river like 60 miles in where badly affected. So we loaded up our small pick up truck and headed out not knowing what to expect… as soon as we hit the road I began taking pictures with my small digital camera it was very disturbing to watch, how much the river had grown and had taken every single thing that was in his natural watercourse, we arrived to places where the mud slide had reach more than half of an entire house, destroyed so many others and left people without a home, peoples faces lit up with a tinny bit of hope while receiving a bag of supplies that seem so little at the time, my younger son went with us and his eyes got full of tears by seeing the people crying and devastated by the situation, but it was a life learning lesson for him even at a young age.
So there you have it. this is the day I began to drink coffee and have not stop drinking it ever since, I have learned to make it the way I enjoy it best witch is one of coffee four of creamer specially hazelnut is my favorite and half teaspoon of sugar, my son has began drinking it as well because well I guess am not that good of an example after all giggles.

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