Experienced Life
2020-05-13 06:18:34 (UTC)

Finding my peace 😌

I’ve been noticing lately that even in this weird situation we’re all in, I’m still doing ok. I have to stop and think wth? What’s up with that? It feels like I’m just reacting but reacting in a good way. So, this morning as I just awake and way too early btw, I’ll try to gather my thoughts on this. But first, my ritual. It’s so quiet this morning. It’s so quiet, I can hear the birds singing outside. Usually, I’m used to hearing autos zooming along but not lately. Craving coffee. Putting this post on pause for a bit.

Ok, I’m back with my coffee. Did it the lazy way today and just used my Keurig. So, as I think about why I’m like this, it hit me or at least I know one part of why I’m blissfully at peace. I start the day off right. I’m doing it each and every day, so I just do it instinctively or unconsciously. Waking up. Sitting up on bed not doing anything but just listening to the quiet. Not focusing much on anything but just enjoying my hot cup of coffee. Not exactly the same but it’s as close as I can get to meditating, I guess. Eyes open and not doing any focused breathing but it seems to work for me.

Across my room, I can see myself from my mirrored closet doors and I have to laugh at how whacky my long hair looks. It’s all over the place. Thinking how funny it would be if I had a gal right now and what if my hair was longer than hers? That’d be a first. Anyway, after my weird brain is done with these silly thoughts and after my quiet time, I start thinking of the fun things I’ll be doing this week. Got that thing this Saturday so that should be interesting. I’m trying now to see what part of me hurts from yesterday’s workout. If a muscle hurts, instead of just complaining about the pain, I’m telling myself this is a sign of my body getting ever so toned so I’m good with the morning physical pain too. Today, not much hurts. Just residuals from the day before. Chest and shoulder muscles hurt just a little bit. Quads, hamstrings, and core feel ok.

Then, I turn on Alexa. Asking for the time, today’s news, then play my playlist or any song I desire. Sometimes I interrupt it by asking for my Amazon delivery status. I ask to add whatever I’m low on to my grocery list. I ask for a joke once in a while. Silly but at least it’s new material. Today, I asked Alexa for one. Alexa says “What’s the opposite of irony? Wrinkly”. Stupid but sort of funny.

Random thought. I stopped buying flowers for a few months. Not sure why. Maybe I kept getting way too many comments from the peanut gallery whenever I’d buy them. I sort of miss having flowers in the room. It helped put me in a good mood when I used to wake up to see and smell the roses. Much better to look at those then my whacky hair for sure. Haha. I was thinking of just buying silk flowers but… dunno. Felt a little silly looking at fake flowers. I mean if that’s the case, where will it end? Fake pictures of a family on the wall? Have an inflatable doll next to me? Haha. So yeah, it starts with the fake flowers so I’m not going there 🤪

Listening to some oldies to match my mood this morning. Feeling Groovy by Simon and Garfunkel. I’m yours by Jason Mraz. Somewhere Over The Rainbow What A Wonderful World by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole.

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