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2020-05-12 19:53:17 (UTC)

Feeling much better 👍

Wow!! Got a lot of energy today. Did the work thang!! Only two peeps physically at work today. We had a Webex conference call with a customer and get this. Some things you should not be speaking about internal issues because the customer is on the call too and you don't want to air out our dirty laundry. We had a manager that I had to hush up. This guy is three management ranking above me!! SMH. Silly silly man. Customer on the other end was laughing when I had to shut him down. But whatevs. I get paid the same. That's why he gets the big bucks. I'll let him put his foot in his mouth if he wants to.

Gym was fantastic!! Tuesdays are what we call Tabata Tuesdays. We know it's coming and it's a Tabata meaning high intensity cardio! We do eight of everything . Let's see if I remember what we did. Weighted sumo squats. Got the heaviest dumbbell I had which was a 30 pounder. Good thing I didn't have anything heavier because 30 lb sumo squats were enough for me. Then we had weighted left/right cross punches with 5 lb dumbbells. Sure, easy enough to do for the first 4 times. Get's a little harder when we're at number 6, 7, and 8. Opposite legs, opposite arm dead bugs with a medicine ball being held. Side to side jump squats. The hardest was weighted burpees. I had 20 lb dumbbells in each hand. It's like a burpee but you don't let go of the weights. Drop down and do a pushup holding the dumbbells. Then hop up as usual and stand. Then curl the dumbbells and do an overhead lift arms behind your ears. Burpess are brutal. Weighted burpees are the worse. Forgot what else we did. I know I missed something.

Still, gym went by quickly. After class, I was still high from my pre-workout drink so I did some jump rope. Cranked out 2,000 jumps. I didn't want to run out of gas tomorrow so I stopped after that. I don't feel sick or anything. Whatever I had, it's gone now. Hoping that this summer, I'll be at least looking ok and not gained a lot of weight unlike a lot of my friends. Can't be helped. Stay at home, you eat more than usual.

Every gym member is getting so antsy about the gym opening back up soon. We want back already. They will be opening one gym at a time. Don't care which gym opens first, I will be there. Unless of course if they open the one in Reno Nevada first. That's be just a tad too far for me coming from Sacramento CA. 🥺

That's all I got for tonight. I'm sure I'll have some stupid words to say after I have a few glasses on wine tonight. Oh, my friend finally returned my texts. I was a little worried but it's all good now. No weird calls or texts. whew!!

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