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2020-05-13 12:23:30 (UTC)

Why Must It Be Now?!

So, I woke up this morning for my online classes. My day went as normal as any girl's schedule can be. I don't use Zoom or Skype or any Facetime app of any sort to do my work. We use an online platform called QuickSchool. I logged on and my Principal, just...sent out a message that said,"Dear Students, I will have to Zoom you for today to talk about a school issue at 2pm." Scared me to HELL. I haven't seen my teachers in like, what? 3 months!?!?!? I calmed my friends down, told my friends we're going to DIE. I couldn't calm down because, well, IT'S THE FUCKIN PRINCIPAL!! I kept on stressing out and my parents kept on telling me to calm down. What is this? Kindergarten? I'm in Primary School with an EXTREMELY strict principal. I kept telling myself,"I didn't do anything bad, why would the principal wanna see us?" I panicked all day. The hour came, me and my friends did the countdown. "20 minutes, 13 minutes, 5 minutes?!?!, 2 minutes?!?!?! It has come...RUN FOR YOUR LIFE" Okay...so we didn't run but instead, we sucked it up and just did the call. I was having a great day and suddenly my life just dropped. I went on the call and, there they were. My principal looking as straight as ever an another one of my teachers. I felt like fainting. I'm not kidding. My back hurt, my waist wanted to leave and my heart ran as fast as any race car could go. I couldn't breathe. I wanted to faint. But I took my courage and put it in my chest. After that, my courage dropped, tremendously. She said the first sentence to me,"Zoey, can you hear me?" At that moment, I felt SHOOK. I replied,"Y-yes, t-t-teacher." I just sucked it up and told myself,"It's just two teachers. At least it's not the whole school. Suck it up and answer confidently." After the call, I fainted....literally. I just woke up half an hour later. My parents were worried. I was hot, sweating and paralyzed (sort of). I know you think this is all a joke but, it could've killed me. In all honesty, IT COULD'VE SENT ME TO A HOSPITAL!!!

That's all to talk about. Stay safe all of you!