La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
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2020-05-13 03:41:10 (UTC)

Music to my ears

Music always makes things better, when I am doing chores around the house or just cooking makes me feel happy and I like dancing to the rhythm of the song being played, I like to feel like there is always someone watching me dance, and once in a while, I get lucky enough to have my husband surprise me and come join me, even though we mostly end up making out LOL.
the way that my taste in music has matured is funny in a way, but what I absolutely love most about music is the way each song can take you back a decade or two to that exact moment where you first listened to that one song, that first kiss, that first job, the first lovemaking story or the first time you fell in love with someone special, you can remember someone's wedding or that special dedication that your first meaningful relationship made to you. I listen to the music and it takes me to that exact moment where that song became the meaning that it has now and I love the feeling of nostalgic sensation all over your body and then it can fill you up with joy and happiness or it can even make you feel sad, and that's part of the having emotions part of this wonderful thing call life! good night!

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