La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
2020-05-13 03:12:40 (UTC)

Process of life

Today was a good day I did not have any health issues what so ever, I found this amazing place where I can write and have others read what I write regarles of my nonsense, is funny how life can trough a curve ball at you unexpected, some times we are always fighting some battles that have absolutely nothing to do with us, and yet we are stubborn enough to keep on trying to fix the unfixable , like this whole fear that everyone is going through since the beginning of the year, am so over all of this fear, I have learn to trust the natural process of life in this matter, is hard for so many to understand this, and trust me when I say I was very afraid for a long period of my life of dying because of my double chronic desease and for the many traumas I had as a child loosing loved ones, at four my best friend and cousin Priscila then my grandmother, two aunts and another cousin all in the same accident, latter my grandfather a few years down the road I was a little older my best friend and another cousin got killed, then my grandmother the same year my father, two years later my young brother 21 years old takes his own life. that's more than most can manage to handle during their entire lives. But these are some of the things we get to experience during our short period of life and still have a ways to go trust me, I have always been ready to face my own death considering I have had so many near-death experiences I can now laugh about it because God's joke to me sometimes seems it's to keep me alive long enough for Him to have a long long talk with me once we meet. So every time I get I talk to Him and thank Him for one more day and opportunity to love, serve and be better than I was yesterday. good night.