La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
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2020-05-12 23:20:36 (UTC)

am getting the hang of this.

Since English is not my first language I have to be looking up words in English because I hate to misspell words either in Spanish or English.
anyhow I realize since I was a child how much I enjoy writing but sometimes my writing in Spanish sounds way more romantic maybe because of its latín roots. Anyways looking up some of the other people's diaries is amazing how different lives everyone lives yet is hard to find someone with the same interest and same back rounds as yours, and that just makes me feel good and different, I like being the odd girl in the crowd and the one that everyone underestimates I know this diary is no contest, life isn't a contest either but for some reason, it always feels like people are always trying to be better than everyone else and that just adds pressure to people that should not be there, life is hard enough as it is. I like to think I have always had the ability to accept people for who they are regardless of their defects to call it a name, some have very ugly attitudes and souls but everyone is different and that is one of the things I like to call a unique atracción and accept them for what they are who they are and all that makes them different.
I like to think of myself differently because my father always made me think outside of the box, and make things happen always. I like to joke to my husband that if I were to be dropped off in the middle of nowhere I would find my way back home, because am a survivor my father also thought me common sense something a lot of people have forgotten nowadays, am just grate full to be alive after all that I've been trough to this day.

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