London Life
2020-05-12 22:03:20 (UTC)

Exhaustion and pleasure

Quite a social day as I joined a community task in Tottenham and an online chat with Barnet friends. This time I ran to Tottenham and was determined to leave plenty of time to get there, but I left ten minutes late and made an ill-judged decision to run round the back of Finsbury Park Station, rather than along the narrow pavement under the bridge. Unfortunately it was a long way round, one of the gates to the park was shut, I emerged onto the wrong road and it it wasn't for Citymapper I'd have headed in completely the wrong direction twice.

So I arrived at the task hot and sweating and they'd already started, though we had to then wait around for food to be delivered. Abi and her boyfriend were there, Nj and the organiser, who's name I'd forgotten but is a really pretty young girl with a good figure. She's furloughing with her boyfriend. I had to go to a corner shop with the council employee, who was a different one this time. I chatted to her in the shop but unfortunately she was unattractive and had short hair, was very overweight and wore trousers.

I hadn't really sat down and was still stiff when I ran back. I used my football back-street route as far as Finsbury Park. I was exhausted and was having a bath when Jack phoned, wanting to go out for lunch.

So I dragged my weary body out down to Waitrose, and as I got six cans of baked beans, I had a lot to carry going back. Jack left his bag in the shop and had to rush back. As a snack, we got some ciabatta at the little stall by the square.

Elina wasn't around so I worked on the Top 100 and watched the Great South Run, which I'd recorded on Channel 5 last October but never had time to watch. It brought back good memories but there was no sign of me or any of my friends.

I joined a Zoom chat with Kas, Vicki, Abi, Sally and Fay (who kept disappearing). Also Paul the group leader. We judged the best wildlife picture (Sally's swan family), and answered a question from Vicki's husband about who was number one for 6 weeks this week 53 years ago. People thought of the Beatles and I thought maybe Englebert Humperdink, until we got the clue that it was the band's first hit. People then thought Queen or the Rolling Stones, but Jacqui got that it was 'A Whiter Shade Of Pale' by Procul Harum. Abi had never heard of it and wasn't impressed when she played it.

The next idea is that we select two songs each for a running playlist. I always listen to Radio 1 new-music programmes on BBC Sounds so I'd probably pick something from this year such as 'Here's The Thing'.

Oddly, I started to hear Danny's voice, and I realised he was with Kas, so he must be lock-downed with her. I had no idea they were even a thing. Her longer hair looked gorgeous.

We watched a programme about the Victorian ship development, but as I'm running probably 20km tomorrow in two bursts, I'm determined to get 8 hours' sleep. Apart from Futoshiki, news and Instagram, I am often kept up by checking who has liked my girl-girl double-nudes on Flikr. I've had a lot of traffic lately and nearly 900 followers. I've got 1700 pictures on there, so I often then flick through enjoying them for ages. Sometimes I spend more time trying to find good soft-porn videos. Either way it doesn't usually end until I've pleasured myself.