Pleasantly Disturbed

Broken Glass Park
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2020-05-12 21:37:24 (UTC)

From A Fantastic 3 Day High... To This Bullshit... !

Every time I'm happy something ruins it. I don't know if my crush is coming back to work - I know I haven't written about him yet... it's looking like just another heartache. And really, I'm not sure I want to date him, I just (selfishly?) want him to be at work because he is my ray of sunshine there! Meanwhile, my boss is a psychopath! I don't say that lightly... he has the traits... nice, charming, but really angry and mean on the inside. I love how he's all nice and laughing with other managers, but when it comes to his 2 best employees, he threatens to fire us for being more than 2 minutes late from break! I actually only was 2 minutes late. He's intimidating and he was just in a real sour mood today. I've prayed for him a few times -- I feel like he needs serious help!

I want to transfer (from life to death - LOL!) - I am grieving, I can't deal with this toxicity. It would be easier for me, anyways, to work somewhere closer to where I live. It's bad that he's pushing one of the best employees there, away - someone who has been there nearly 10 years. I just can't deal with brats who threaten to fire me. The last one was my age - she really needed to grow the fuck up!

I am really shy and don't need a lot of change in my life, considering that I'm grieving, but I would rather work with strangers than work with him. Every time I try to let it all go, he does something worse.

This may be the final straw! And it probably is about the 3rd strike, though I can't think of others because he didn't threaten to fire me before. What the fuck?!?

I am so depressed right now... I will end this entry on a positive and downright frivolous note with my favorite kind of distraction... plus, I've been wanting to mention this at some point today...

I didn't want to actually watch the show, but last night, I had "Criminal Minds" on mute because good Lord, is Daniel Henney fine! I did other stuff... watched YouTube, but could look up at the TV here and there to see the beautifulness that is Daniel Henney. Please Google him if you don't know who he is! He's stunning!

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