Carrie notes
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2020-05-12 19:13:12 (UTC)

Life's Responseability

There was a time years ago when I was happy, but those days were over. I need to stop looking to men and alcohol in order to find the happiness I once I once had in my childhood. Mom and dad are gone and I can no longer ask their advice. I sure don't want to live under aunt Carol's rule the rest of my life.
So I must pull up my big girl panties and accept responsibility for my life. No, matter how hard it seems this is my life, God gave it to me to live. Weather I like it or not I have to play it out until the end.
Nobody said it would be easy and they sure did not say it was going to be hard either. But taking responsibility for my actions was the one thing I was always told to do. I go to jail for a crime I have to do the time. Not to mention pay for fines, court cost, and my lawyer.
I must pay my bills, buy my groceries, provide my transportation, and take care of myself when life comes up with responsibilities that need my attention. When the drunk in the laundry mat decides he doesn't like me because I wouldn't pay him attention it's not my problem . But I will make sure he gets the help he needs if nesscary.

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