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2020-05-12 06:22:22 (UTC)

Good morning 🥴

Woke up to another quiet morning. I can see it must've rained last night because I see the bushes outside is still wet from the rain. I now leave my bedroom blinds open 24x7. Brightens up the room. But to be honest, I'm just too lazy to close them at night. hehe. There are tall plants outside so except for a small area, you can't really see in. You have to be standing at a certain spot to see directly out to my neighbors fence and you can't see me laying in bed so it's still private.

Once again, no traffic sounds, all quiet except the keurig working making my magic nectar of coffee :) I suck at meditation but maybe I'm doing it at times without realizing it? I just sit quietly letting the mellow feelings permeate around my head and heart only to finally be interrupted by my rambling mind. But still a very nice morning indeed. I smell on me remnants of last night's cologne (Creed Aventus). I have Alexa playing my playlist called "Mellow songs" playing guess what kind of songs? haha. Right now, I'm listening to "I'm yours by Jason Mraz". So I'm bobbing my head from left to right sitting up in bed only to pause when I need to sip my coffee. I wish there was an Alexa that had water plumbed, able to grind and make coffee with a built in trash bin for leftover beans and of course voice activated. One can dream.

I feel my shoulder area hurting. I know exactly why. Yesterday's workout did it and since my little strands that can be construed as muscles are hurting, I did them correctly. First It's from push ups or as my friend calls press ups? Must be a fancy European thing. haha ;) Sorry friend. Also, we did weighted jumping jacks but raising my arms forwards and sideways alternating to just 90 degrees. Then we did alternating arm/leg Superman. Yes, there is a thing. I thought that last one was a made up thing my gym thought up but it's actually a real workout. So my deltoids, traps, and triceps are feeling it today and I love it. We did a core workout too called Russian twists with a 20 lb weight but my core feels ok. We also did "Prisoner's get up" which is like a squat but more brutal. Legs feel ok though.

I don't recall my shoulders hurting in awhile and I believe It's because I am doing the "equipment optional" class in lieu of the "bodyweight" class. You don't need equipment for both classes but the equipment optional class give both bodyweight and equipment weighted options. I think it's a better class and I have time to get home and prep since it's a later class. I only did a couple hundred rope jumps. I was tentative about going overkill because I was a little funky last weekend.

Got no plans this week except for one event. I got invited to a get together this Saturday from my prepper friend. She and her friends are really against this lockdown thing and feel certain people in the Gov't or Corporate America is doing this to make them rich somehow. As for me? I dunno. I personally am watching the housing market. If housing prices drop due to failed mortages and loss of jobs, I may buy another home. Still unsure on that. Anyway, I may as well check out her party. I told her I was trying to get a designated driver because I may succumb to drinking too much wine but she says there are extras guest beds and some of my other friends are going too. So ok, twist my arm. I'm going. haha

That's it for this morning. Have a good day peeps. Don't forget to smile. It's a muscle memory thing and your brain will release happy chemicals into your body. Besides, if you get brought in for looking like a lunatic, you'd probably be released the same day anyway with our current situation. 🤪