Do Not Disturb

2020-05-12 08:33:54 (UTC)

I Give Up

He hasn't texted me in 5 days going on six days now I'm convinced he's either...

A). broken up with me

B). his phone's off

C). he catfished me the entire time

and yet I was to stupid to notice. I'm just gonna go with B for now. And if, he didn't text me for a whole week then I'm officially done with his ass.

So, guess who have the nerve to text me on the dating app that I'm on Vonte. The guy who broke up with me after New Year's all because he said I was checking out his profile and I wasn't checking it... Just the pictures itself but I guess I'm not allowed to do that either. Then, I noticed that he started to check my profile because it gave me a notification and all.

Also, he said that I was being petty for bringing up that he broken up with me and that I should "get over him". Then, he said all this stuff about how I don't even know the reason why he broke up with me and honestly I don't wanna know the reason why he broke up with me then, he blocked me. Oh and you best to believe I blocked him back.

Tray also texted me telling me "he's sorry" but then he asked me...What it means if you send someone a message and its still saying sent ? I just said idk. He's probably texting some girl. Like I give any fucks. And that's when he stopped responding .

And lastly but not least Brandon "apologized" for how he treated me and that how he approached me because he only wanted me sexually and he has a girlfriend. Like what a psycho. I haven't responded after that. I don't think I'll ever will.

Boys suck ass !!!!


- A

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